What if the casino doesn't pay money?

There are many unscrupulous casinos on the network for which profit is more important than customers. But, even playing in decent establishments, there is a possibility of a controversial situation with the withdrawal of funds. If your casino does not pay, please follow the guidelines below.

First steps

If the gaming club in which you play does not respond to the withdrawal request you have created, do the following:

1. wait a while – you may receive a letter from the institution’s support service;

2. if no message from technical support comes, write yourself;

3. Study the answer from the casino representative, which explains the reason for the refusal to pay out winnings. Next, you must act based on the reason given to you.

Reasons for refusal to pay

There are three main reasons that online casinos name when they refuse to pay.

Bonus policy violation

If the operator has given this reason, open the casino rules. Examine the item that the establishment indicates as the reason for the refusal. Pay attention to the date of the last change of the rules, as you could be presented with a violation of the provisions that did not exist at the time of your actions. If you really broke the rule and the date is correct, there is no point in complaining. However, if you are a loyal player, the following tactics can be used. If you play in a casino that really pays, write to him something like: “I have been playing with you for over a year and have lost a lot of money. Inadvertently, I did not notice paragraph X of the rules. Let’s forget this misunderstanding. Go to my meeting or block my account forever. ” If the amount in dispute is small, the casino should respond positively.

Identity problems

If the casino says that the quality of the copies sent for account verification is inadequate or there are not enough certificates, do one of the following, depending on the situation:

* send notarized copies of documents;

* send a certificate from the bank to confirm your home address, if there is no certificate from housing and communal services;

* find the button “Emergency shutdown of payment cancellation” or ask the technical support to remove the possibility of canceling the payment of funds – after that the casino becomes more accommodating.

Refusal to pay with the right not to explain the reason

Often, establishments refer to their right to refuse payment to a user without explaining the situation. If in this case you are sure that you have not violated anything, do one or more of the actions below:

* Respond to the casino with polite threats. Say that you will raise a resonance on major sites and forums.

* Notify the casino management. Do this if the establishment belongs to a group of companies.

* Write to the gaming commission. For example, the Maltese Gaming Commission and/or the United Kingdom Commission (depending on the casino license). You should write in English.

* Submit your claim to NetEnt provider. If the casino uses slots from Net Entertainment, please send an email in English to this network.

Contacting the casino browser site

If you were registered with a gambling club using the affiliate link of one of the casino review sites, go there and file a complaint about the online casino explaining your problem. It is better to contact from the email with which the registration was made. It is better to describe the situation in detail:

* indicate the name of the institution;

* name the reason for the refusal to pay out according to the casino version;

* indicate the amount frozen on the game account;

* give the site representatives their login on the casino website. After receiving all the necessary information, specialists will take care of your problem.


If the casino refuses to pay you winnings, contact its support service and proceed based on the named reason for refusal. If nothing is achieved, it makes sense to write a complaint to the casino review site, to the gaming commission. Which casinos pay? Stable payments are made by serious establishments that value their reputation. Try to work with such operators of online gambling.