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Recoil in slot machines

Gamblers who prefer to try their luck on different slots often pay attention to such a thing as the return percentage. This means that in the event of a win, the user will receive a certain percentage of all currently placed bets. Novice gamblers often believe that in this case they will immediately get almost all their money back with a profit, unaware of a number of nuances. First of all, the coefficient is useful for the casino and is calculated for a long and large game, having little effect on a small visit of one person. But by finding a suitable slot machine with good returns, the player can get a decent amount. It should be borne in mind that the recoil rate is not the only parameter that affects the outcome of the game.

How to find out the percentage of payments in a slot machine?


Information about the coefficient of slot machines is provided by the developers themselves. On average, it is 95%, but there are machines with a return of 93% and even 98%. As a rule, these figures please and inspire players, but there are pitfalls here as well. They show only the percentage of return on slots, but at what distance the slot machines were tested, what these numbers show is not reported. In fact, slot machines are usually tested over long distances, which is why it is far from the fact that the player will receive the claimed 97% return by spinning the reel several hundred times. If the user wants to know what the return percentage of the slot machine is, there are several ways to do this. The simplest options are as follows: 1. Look at the auditors’ reports. For example, the eCORGA company checks machines according to parameters such as honesty, reliability, confidentiality, security. They also pay attention to the random number generator and win reports. When satisfied, they issue certificates to the casino that players can trust. 2. If the user does not trust large companies, he can familiarize himself with investigations by enthusiastic researchers. They conduct long-term testing, but this method is risky in itself – you can fall for custom reports that distort the real facts. 3. Finally, you can find out information through the provider – most emulators include such a characteristic in the description. You can also rely on generalized data – the creators of slot machines invest the same return rate in all their designs. 4. The user can try to calculate the coefficient on his own, but he needs to take into account – it will take a lot of time, up to a month and will need to spend a lot of money. It is much easier to read the reports of well-known auditors and specialists, as well as bypass dubious institutions.

How to find a recoil slot machine?

To find slot machines with high returns, many novice players are guided by the Return To Player parameter – it is an indicator of the return of a slot machine and the percentage of payments. But you shouldn’t rely solely on it. Another, no less important factor is the slot volatility, or variance. Shows the frequency and amount of wins in a particular slot. The smaller it is, the more often the machine will give out prizes, but they will be rather modest. The downside is that the more difficult it is to get a winning combination, the more generous the coveted reward will be. Licensed recoil slot machines are easiest to find in large, reputable casinos. For example, developers who set a high and constant percentage of return, as well as monitor their software, are unlikely to offer games with an unstable reputation to potential customers.