Bots in online poker

online pokerPartyPoker shut down hundreds of accounts It was recently revealed that PartyPoker shut down 277 bot accounts between last December and March 2019. As a result, more than $700,000 was refunded to punters affected by these bots.  

PartyPoker has a team of former professional poker punters who can tell the difference between bots and real people by their behavior. That is why it is considered one of the best online casinos. Three-quarters of all detected bot accounts is their merit. According to the representative of the company, it is a small team and there are no plans to expand it yet, despite the scale of the problem. 

On this topic, Big Time Gaming will indeed release a slot Who Wants to Be a Millionaire The representative also said about the use of bots,”Two years ago it would have been possible, but after seeing how the security department works, what a team works there and what tools at their disposal, I am confident that now they can cope with those who play against the rules. The problem with bots is that they give users an advantage over other punters. They can be set up to make profits over the long haul, which means losses for real punters. Some collude and use bots to know each other’s cards, which also gives them an illegal advantage.